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Is it good to invest in contemporary art?

Here are five good reasons to do it:

1) All rates reported by industry experts agree that investing in contemporary art definitely gives good returns in the medium and long term and can even provide high rates of return in the short term if the choice is well done.

2) There are many "young" artists who are ascending the contemporary art world: their unique work (or limited edition) can lead to high returns in the short- medium term.

3) In many countries the investor has more tax advantages than those who invest in the stock market or real estate. Often works of art are not subject to taxation and in many cases a corporation can deduct the purchasing costs .

4) It is an investment that allows you to enjoy immediately of it: the aesthetic pleasure and prestige of a work of art are immediate benefits.

5) If you are investing in contemporary art, you are entering the History of Art and Culture and keeping it alive.



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