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Milestone (pietra miliare)

  • Height: 2021
  • Technique: serigrafia di plastica termoformata su roccia lavica, smalto e plexiglass
  • Artwork type: sculpture
  • Reference: 3
  • Dimensions: W: 33cm xH: 36cm xD: 32cm

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Work: Milestone (pietra miliare)

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Words go beyond time, flow far away, they pass from mouth to mouth, they come to fill new thoughts, and delight with their sounds the hearing of those who listen to them, poetry becomes alive and creeps into the soul without ever detaching itself.

What is love? How much do you love? How do you love? Who becomes the object of love?

When a poet writes, they use the words they see as forms. Words that unravel among others by choice, by weight, by the sound they reproduce once written and spoken, by thought that transforms itself between the lines. A single sentence, even a single word, come straight to the reader, who irremediably, makes them his own since the feeling of impressions is common.

When an artist paints or sculptures he does it with the materials available, natural or synthetic, close to reality or completely removed from it. He lets his hands and fingers go together with his thoughts, isolates himself to be at one with what he creates. Even in noise the silence of what is right is born, the colours will be received by the viewer’s eye, the shapes by those who can see, and everything is completed in the final observation, created on the support chosen by the artist.

The work “Milestone”, in which the figure of Sappho becomes the symbol of a different nature of love, a character that has become a fundamental point in history and, indeed, a milestone in the LGBTQI+ community. "Milestone" is dedicated to the love, words and images that are described here.
The support on which the ancient face of Sappho rests wearily but does not look at the viewer, is a tuff stone originally from the island of Lesbos, the birthplace of the Greek poetess. The reproduction of the attentive face and intense eyes of the woman protagonist is picked up by the Pompeian locket that identifies the poetess Sappho, her pensive expression, the obvious concentration in her eyes directs her gaze not towards the viewer, but is instead absorbed, turned towards herself.
The gesture of the stylus on her lip accentuates this autonomous melancholy, where in the silence of thoughts, her words will be born. The image lies on stone thus becoming an indissoluble one, the material and result is a unicum. Tuff, like the word and similar to love, is resistant to compression, frost, fire, and absorbs heat so much that it raises its temperature.


Image and word merge and crystallize in bubbles of water, a symbol of life and like thoughts water has a memory, it spans time and has bathed Mother Earth for centuries. The island’s stone was formed by the sound of the wind and sea spray. On the beach of Lesbos, the memory of ancient lovers has stopped, the sea takes and gives and new waves arrive to carry (and grab) with them new emotions and memories.
Is a kiss left as a mark on the stone, on the image that looks at us, is it a kiss received or a kiss given to the observer? However, it is a loaded kiss, red of life, passionate, almost a seal placed to guard the one you love and the one who loves.
To love is therefore unhappiness, from which we cannot escape in a life that involves battles and suffering, but what therefore is the power that it has given us? Simply, that of being able to choose love and to live it.
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