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  • Year: 2002
  • Technique: painted Aluminium
  • Artwork type: monumental Sculpture
  • Reference: 4467
  • Dimensions: W: 370cm xH: 200cm xD: 455cm
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Work: Co-stell-azione

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An open glance, addressed to  the universe  around us, absorbs all the energy of the “spring”forward that the figure itself seems to restrain,enhancing the moment before action.

On the cloth wrapping up the body there are some stars: they represent human being with open arms and legs, that is finally free to act and think, a self –conscious being, aware of his energy.

 Becoming symbolically a star , mankind remembers that its existence is a continuosly evolving energy, a small part of an ever-moving whole ( universal chaos) as well as the whole universe , in its structure, is made of small parts, distinguishable in our genome  cells.



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