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Sapere - monumental marble

  • Year: 2011
  • Technique: marble Sculpture
  • Artwork type: monumental Sculpture
  • Reference: 11563
  • Dimensions: W: 195cm xH: 221cm xD: 134cm
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Work: Sapere - monumental marble

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“….. Symbolic univers reveals itself through a variety of signs and  methaphors. Alfabet represents language bound”…… The letters inside stripes divided into puzzle pieces, geometrically syntetized in the shape of interlocking squares ….” are the visualizations of  genome and also of the complessity of human Ego. The puzzle is the epidermis, referring to the idea  that everything is a part of a cosmic puzzle …,genetic and environmental conditioning and, furthermore, complexity of reality”…

Such as sentences that are made of succession of letters, reinforcing the idea…”…that we are made of many small pieces, I . e .of DNA”(Soul and body alphabet by Giovanni Perez, Edition Genzini e Daverio)


"Rabarama FIRENZEANTIconforme 2011" pag.54-55-82-84, Ediz.Vecchiato Art Galleries
"Volarearte" 2013

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